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Screening Colonoscopy vs Diagnostic Colonoscopy

New legislation was passed effective January 1, 2011 related to Screening Colonoscopy procedures. Depending on your insurance coverage, you may be impacted by the law.

The legislation states that if the procedure results in no findings by your physician, there will be no deductible, co-insurance or co-payment applied to the cost of the procedure and your insurance will assume all liability.

If your procedure is scheduled as a screening colonoscopy and during the procedure your physician discovers abnormal findings or signs and symptoms such as bleeding, diarrhea, polyps, anemia, change in bowel habits, abdominal pain, etc. the procedure will then be considered diagnostic and the patient will be responsible to pay applied co-insurance, co-pays or deductibles.


CareCredit® is a credit card issued exclusively for use in paying for your health care expenses. You can apply for a CareCredit® card to cover the facility portion of your bill at participating surgical facilities.

  • Depending on the cost of your procedure and the options offered at your endoscopy facility, you may choose between 6 and 12 month special financing options on qualifying purchases of $200 or more.*
  • To apply for a CareCredit® credit card, visit the CareCredit® website
  • Call them directly at: (800) 677-0718
  • Call your surgical facility if you have any questions.
  • Click here to learn more from the CareCredit® website.

*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. See provider for details.

In the event you have billing questions, please call NSN at (480) 500-9004.